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December 02, 2002 - Welcome! I'm Brian Bilbrey, your host on these pages. The major point of interest (from my perspective) around here is my daily blog, called Graffiti.

The Orb Webcam continues to draw a strong batch of viewers, although what any of you see in my old fully clothed and unexcitingly rotund carcass, sitting virtually immobile for hours on end is beyond me. Maybe it's the bad hair?

My job with The NERDS Group is keeping me fairly busy, as I flit about the Greater Metropolitan Washington DC area in search of computers that are broken in new and exciting ways. Unfortunately, I often find only the old boring modes, many easily solved with a single reboot of the Windows software running thereon. In other news, I continue to write a lot about Linux and other computing related topics, both here and with Greg Lincoln on our site called LinuxMuse.

Now here's the latest old and new news around this joint:

  • Thanksgiving at the Thompson's was a lot of fun, as we spent four fun-filled days shopping and waiting hand and foot on four demanding dogs. Well, Bob and I did the waiting, while Marcia and Barbara handled the monetary divestiture / economic stimulus program.

  • Did I mention I work for The NERDS Group? Check them out.

  • Visit LinuxMuse todayGreg Lincoln and I are continuing to build our base of articles, commentary and community over at LinuxMuse. We're working on a range of new things and would be glad of your company there.

Find the rest of the Gang at Daynotes.ORG, or the original site, Daynotes.COM.

If you're looking to see the site of my lovely Marcia, you can go to DutchGirl.net. She also hangs out with several other abandoned souls at Netwidows!

Running RedHat LinuxThis site is running on Rocket, the dedicated server that Greg Lincoln and I share at Rackshack. It's an AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1700+, running a tweaked and locked down Red Hat Linux. Other significant software we use includes the Apache HTTPD server, MTA by Postfix, dynamic content courtesy of PHP4, Webalizer for statistics, and many programs from the GNU Project.


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