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The Four W's of Orb Designs


I am Brian P. Bilbrey. I've been using computers since around 1978 or so, when I first learned how to program an IMSAI 8080 in binary, with the front panel switches. I attended UC Santa Cruz for a number of years, getting an education, if not a diploma. I am a reader, a husband, a fisherman, an author, a professional and a human (although there are those who would contest that last item). You are welcome to read my latest Resumé.

Orb Designs is the professional consulting services facet of Brian P. Bilbrey (me). I usually can be found working for someone else for wages, in addition to the occasional consulting or (new!!!) authoring job. My titles vary from Product Design Engineer, to MIS Manager, Webmaster, Manufacturing Engineer, QA Manager, Director of Production.... I am not an expert in any of those fields - but I can hold my own. Thus the title I like best - No Particular Specialty.


These are just some of the reasons that people call on Orb Designs -

  • Skills in Design - Mechanical, Product, PCB (AutoCAD, Protel, other CAD packages)

  • Skills in Layout - Adobe Illustrator, The Gimp, PhotoDeluxe

  • Web Design - HTML coding, minimalist design philosophy

  • MIS - Win9x, WinNT, Linux, MS Office suite products, Networking

  • Programming - C, C++, Database Design (though it's been a while...)


I started Orb Designs in 1982, when I did a Database design and implementation project to track sales for a local (SF Bay Area, CA, USA) manufacturer. Since that time, I have used the Orb name when performing consulting contracts. Some of these have been for designs of Medical disposables (using AutoCAD as a design tool), data acquisition, analysis and display programs (C programming), PCB design for RF wireless microphone receivers (Protel - I am not an EE, but give me your schematic, your physical requirements and your netlist, if available and a PCB will be forthcoming).


Orb Designs is based in Bowie, Maryland. That said, I work remotely via OpenSSH as required, and of course will travel for serious cash and food -- a winning lottery ticket would be nice, too! Thanks to Rick for noting that this part of the page was lacking.

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