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GRAFFITI -- November 01, 2004 thru November 07, 2004

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November 1, 2004

1845 - Good evening. There's voting to be done, tomorrow. Don't procrastinate, vote early and vote often. It was good enough for John Kennedy and it's good enough for these pale shadows of men that we call Presidential candidates in these lesser days. On the radio they were reminding us, on the morning ride in, that Kennedy was elected on the strength of the Chicago dead vote. Were they grateful? That's what I want to know. Maybe that's why JFK was called home early.

It was a good day at work today. I got some tasks accomplished, and others staged up for tomorrow. Of course all that comes after my first two obligations of the day. I'm going to go to the dentist first - in the chair by 7am. Then back homewards to vote early - I'll obey at least half of that maxim! Then back off to work. By then the traffic will either have lightened a little bit, or really, really suck. But now there's dinner to be made and sundry other chores to eat the evening. Have a good un!

This week five years ago...

and a bonus link:
Election Day, four years ago...
By the end of that week, it was still undecided, neh?

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November 2, 2004

1759 - Good evening. There's still time, get out and vote ... and remember we're NOT just a two party system: Michael Badnarik and Richard Campagna, running on the Libertarian ticket, are on the ballot in every state but one. You DO have a choice, and it's not just between a principled idiot and a waffling no-goodnik. Vote for States' Rights, vote for personal responsibility, choice and freedom. Vote Libertarian.

I was in the dentist's chair at 0700, in line at the polling place by 0825, and I got to work by 1030. Nearly 1.5 hours to get that vote in, and worth every minute. I skipped lunch, though, so now's the time for food. Any bets on when the presidency will be decided? I'm putting my money on November 12. Anyway, have a great evening.

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November 3, 2004

The Halloween outside setup (a dramatic recreation).1927 - Good evening. First, a couple of pictures to share with you. The thumbnail at left links to the larger picture that closely resembles the setup outside our front door on Hallowe'en evening. The false-color Molly snap was on the door below a please don't knock or ring sign. Then the box of candy with the "Killed by Greed" epitaph on the cross helped matters along even further.Lucy helping, with food on her chin.

While I was futzing around setting that up, Lucy was inquisitive and politely dis-helpful all the way through the process. That's why this unflattering picture of her at right, chin strewn with the poor pillaged remnants of her supper, graces your eyes today.

I spent more time today stacking and sorting through old hardware, in a mostly successful attempt to identify what bits are going to be productively functional for the company in the near and medium range. The answer, of course, is quite a lot of it, since I'm a pretty handy guy with getting four working boxen out of five non-working machines.

  George W. Bush * (R)	58,978,616 	51% 
  John F. Kerry (D)	55,384,497 	48% 
  Ralph Nader (I)	394,578 	0% 
  Michael Badnarik (Lib.)	377,940 	0%

Why can't I find that number for Michael Badnarik on CNN.com. Is it because he's not a celebrity, a Democrat or a Republican? Or is CNN afraid that more than two "choices" plus one entertainment variable might confuse their consumers? CNN doesn't tell you that Badnarik came bloody close to matching Nader in the polls, CNN isn't giving you useful news. Sure, Nader's good for votes, they're mostly sentimental, far as I can tell. Michael Badnarik and the Libertarian Party have a true platform and a plan for bringing back the Republic.

If you voted for Shrub, you got what you wanted ... I hope that you're happy. I think he's a genial buffoon, funnier than that pretty guy, um, Quayle, and less talented than Ford. He's unwavering and principled, and those principles are leading us into an empire-building police state. Be very afraid. Line forms on the left for your RFID chip implants.

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November 4, 2004

2102 - Good evening. This isn't surprising, I suppose:


I've been reading your site for a long, long time.  I respect your technical 
acumen and enjoy your writing style and wit.  However, yesterday's post 
saddened me.  Is it *really* necessary to refer to the President of the United 
States in such a disparaging fashion?  I totally understand it's your opinion 
and you are most entitled to it, but jeeze... I sat here reading you post and 
shaking my head.  

Now more than ever, we need more people to stand behind our President 
and show respect for the Office that he holds.  

It really seems beneath you to engage in more of the bitter, mindless hatred 
spewed out by Michael Moore, Penn, Sheen, Goldberg and the rest of 
that lunatic fringe far-left crowd.

I hope that the response that I get from you is more than "Get the hell off 
my site, if you don't like what I write".  

It's just sad to see the President disrespected like this.  *sigh*.


My "nickname" for the son of Bush I is nothing new, as you can see from the search above: This isn't just a new post-election thing from me. I, unlike Kerry, am consistent (at least some of the time).

I am not required to show respect for a man who I do not respect, regardless of where he clocks in for the day.

My feelings towards the guy are (a) not hatred, (b) not bitter, and most certainly (c) NOT mindless. I don't hold truck with what Michael Moore has done, either. Go to war for the wrong reasons against the wrong target (Not that I mind Hussein out of power, and the little bully was trying to look like a threat, but really now ... there are too many ways in which it was shown that W wanted to go after Hussein to "finish the job his dad didn't" for them to be a total fabrication), then let your oh-so-PC State Department weenies dictate what the Marines can and can't do while soldiers are dying over there... The soldier gets my respect.

The office of the Presidency requires a certain decorum while in the presence, yes? And if the man himself calls me and says, "We need a geek in the gulf." I'll say, "You cover the mortgage and bills while I'm gone, W, and I'm your man." I would do so because that's my duty as an American. But nowhere is it written that I have to hold my tongue nor curtail my freedom of speech when I don't respect the man who holds the office. Freedom of speech, my friend. Enjoy it until it's taken away.

Politicians are people who've made a career out of running other people's lives, and the Presidency of the United States of America is the pinnacle of that career ladder. Pathetic, really, as most people are content to run their own lives.

The republic is dead. Long live ... ah, hell. I dunno, whatever comes next, I suppose.

And I read my reply... and I start to wonder. Is this how these things, these repressions of free speech, these "Oh, just let the little man in the red jacket search your shoes, you just MIGHT be an Islamic madman, one can't be too careful, Gramma" ... is this how it starts? I will NOT be PC. Fuck that. I will not curtail my commentary for any purpose whatsoever. Besides, Shrub is a cuter nickname than "that fucking moron". Yes, I'm talking about the guy who should say "I'm sorry, I was wrong, 853 ... nope, it's 854 soldiers who've died since I declared an end to major hostilities. I am going to ask the generals to give me their recommendation for best protecting our soldiers and follow it." Like that'll happen. And on the home front, I seriously don't think I'm going to be happy with the changes that will be coming our way over the next 4 years.

It's funny, in a way. I have this HUGE mailing list, of people who've sent me mail over the years because of this site. I've never, EVER used that list of email addresses to put forth a screed into your inbox on how I think everyone should talk and feel and vote. But y'all are certainly not remiss in telling me how to live and what to say, when the mood strikes, huh?

I need to think about this. Oh, and if I offend you, yet you keep coming back, what does that mean? Maybe a little visit with Lady Heather will fix you up right. See ya...

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November 5, 2004

2159 - Good evening. More from the mailbag:

 Great reply Brian. Here is my favorite

"To announce that there should be no criticism of the president, or that we 
are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and 
servile, but is morally treasonable to the American people." -
    Theodore Roosevelt

I'd say, "My thoughts exactly!", except you already knew that.

In other news, The November issue of LinuxGazette.net is out, and I've got an article in this month. Well, I cheated a little bit, it's a light work-over of the material I wrote for a sample chapter in that book gig I didn't get. Nothing written under NDA or contract, and the topic itself was noted as being one that would end up on the cutting room floor anyway, thank you very much.

I try to help LinuxGazette out where I can, doing TR and proofs on articles over the last few months. I jumped in deeper in August when the Editor was busy between hardware failures and a boat anchored under 4 successive hurricanes. So I did what I could ... and late in October, it looked like there was exactly one article in the hopper for this month's issue. I volunteered up the material because it would (A) take very little effort on my part to (B) offer a substantial bit of work for the benefit of LinuxGazette. As it turned out, it's a banner month, with eleven articles over a whole range of subjects. If you like Linux and want just a little more fun, then read LinuxGazette.

There are other fun things I've found recently, look for them this weekend, right here on this Bat Channel. Have a good evening.

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November 6, 2004

1814 - Good evening. I've been going through the incoming mail, sorting out bills, advertisements, and especially those obnoxious letters that somehow pretend to be both. I got one of my least favorites in this batch, from the Domain Registry of America (you can find them easily, I won't give them linkage). Their solicitation for domain transfer masquerades as an Expiration Notice requiring renewal. If it's read in any detail, they clearly do say that it will be a transfer and renewal, but I still find them annoying far beyond their actual behaviour. One thing they did remind me to do ... transfer my last domain away from Register.com over to GoDaddy. The interface for Godaddy is excellent, and the prices are right-on. My only annoyance with them is the 4 pages of advertisements I have to go through when ordering or renewing. But since I can have 3 domains a year for the price of one from the DRA, I'll live with that once per domain and/or transfer.

Just as I was finishing up transferring a couple more domains into the Godaddy fold, I ran my eyes across the latest Dave Barry screed. My head nearly exploded!!! Emotional Support Animals do not need to be in carriers on North West Airlines? Wait. WAIT ... Emotional Support Animals??? WTF?!?!?

Hi. Welcome to Planet Moron, formerly known as "Earth" to it's politically quaint (PQ) "intelligent" bipedal lifeforms. We hope that you enjoy your stay, and if you are small enough to fit in the bipedal lifeform's lap, then you can qualify as something they call an "Emotional Support Animal" (ESA), and fly on their primitive airflight based transportation system for free. To retain these privileges, do not consume any passengers, crew or other ESA's while in flight. This may seem safe, as any self-defensive paraphenalia have been removed from the passengers by little men in red coats. This may indicate a fragility to the aircraft that we cannot detect. However, the cabin crew may be able to capture a rogue ESA (or masquerading ExtraGalactic Traveller) with the inflight blankets, and stifle it with the little white pillows. Also be warned that no peanuts will be served on any flight, because there are four known inhabitants of the planet who have known skin lesions following contact with peanuts and/or peanut-based products. Also be careful in the front section of the craft, as the flimsy pressboard partition between the flight crew and the passengers can give way easily, and cause the type of panic on board the craft that an unsuspecting alien can die of. At least one so-called airline is known for it's "humorous banter" in providing instruction to passengers. Understand that they may be joking and don't do as they say, necessarily. Look for cues from the other passengers, and don't simply proceed out onto the wings during flight. Finally, when passing through the "security screening section" of the aircraft landing fields, ensure that your demeanor is sufficiently servile, and don't unmask your exoskeletons or display any unshielded metal or explosives - the "servent" class in this scenario has the powers of an absolute master, and they've been bred to have no imagination or sense of humor. Enjoy your stay on Planet Moron.

If you're afraid to fly, then don't fly. If you are easily offended, avoid all other people, including most especially potential mates. We can't possibly have you reproducing and passing on your congenital anti-social tendencies to another pathetic bunch of kids. This message ends.

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November 7, 2004

2304 - Good evening. It's late and I should be a-bed, but wanted to drop by and say hello. Did the lawns, played with the dogs, mucked about with computers. Watched the Burt Rutan segment on 60 minutes tonight and caught a glimpse of our Jerry on the telly, one row back of Richard "Virgin Galactic" Branson, at a Scaled Composites briefing of some kind. Then after a bit of mailing list fun, I got downstairs to watch part one of Henry on PBS. Good show, extra-well acted, a bit one-dimensional, but then it's not hard to focus in on all those wives, eh? I'll be looking for part two next week. Now to bed with me, g'night!

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