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GRAFFITI -- November 07, 2005 thru November 13, 2005

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November 7, 2005

Good morning. No post until later today.

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November 8, 2005

0914 - Good morning. Or, as it turns out, no post until this morning. While we did get in by about 1815 last night, we were fairly busy, what with dogs, unpacking, phoning around, email and such. Overall a nice trip. It was good to see all of Marcia's family. Now I'm at work, one day down on the week already, and a bloody busy week it's gonna be, too. There's lots going down in the world, from Fatwa in France to Sony RootKits to local elections in many places today. If you're a voter in such a place, then GO VOTE!! That's the most important advice I have for you today. If you don't vote, then you don't care. Now I've got to get back to work. Have a great day!

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November 9, 2005

0909 - Good morning. As my cousin Ryan says, it's not every day your startup company gets mentioned twice in two days in the New York Times ... here's his site: Property Shark.

In other news, SF bans handguns (boo), a Catholic HS bans all student blogs (boo), and John Dominik's lost his job (boo). I got bills paid last night, and the rest of the setup for a friend's website. Now I've got this working day in front of me, and I'd best get to it. Ciao!

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November 10, 2005

1255 - Good afternoon. I've just finished lunch, and now can proceed with some of the stomach-turners, including this one: Are You Infected by Sony-BMG's Rootkit? Among other interesting bits, that link has a partial list of albums that carry the rootkit. Now for the really bad news: There's already a Trojan making the email rounds out there that takes advantage of the Sony rootkit to install and hide itself. Do yourself a favor, read this, learn how to tell if you've got this Sony rootkit installed. If so, complain to Sony, get them to send you the tools to make it right. And whether or not your system's clean, turn off Autorun on your CD drives, so that stuff can't auto-install from there without your knowledge. Oh, or use Linux or Mac, both of which play those discs without issue. Finally: Don't buy Sony-BMG music. Vote against DRM with your wallet!

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November 11, 2005

0840 - Good morning. Yay, it's Friday. It was 30 degrees (F) out this morning, and with a Federal holiday on, there was no traffic to speak of, either. Lovely. I've taken a few minutes to think of and be grateful for the service of the Veterens of our country, this day. Thanks, folks!

Then there was this missive making the rounds...


Recent news about  the avian flu virus has raised concerns from main
street to the White House.  There is the possibility, even likelihood, that 
the virus will mutate into a form that can more easily infect humans.

As the president pointed out, a vaccine cannot be made until this
evolution occurs.

This  raises the concern that it may be impossible to create enough
vaccine fast  enough to protect all our citizens. But there is hope.

Gallup polls tell us that up to 45 percent of Americans don't believe in
evolution. Since random mutation is the engine of evolution, these same
people must believe that the virus cannot mutate.

Therefore, there is no need to waste  vaccine on folks who believe there
is no possible threat to themselves -- thus  leaving a sufficient supply for
the rest of us. Perhaps the president, given his doubts about evolution,
may wish to demonstrate his leadership by foregoing vaccination.

This approach has added benefits. Polls also tell us that disbelief in
evolution is more pronounced among the less educated, the poor and
conservatives.  If the anti-evolutionists among these groups were to opt
out of vaccination then, through immediate deaths and natural selection, we
would reduce poverty, raise educational attainment, and become a more
progressive society.

George R Zug
Divis. Amphibians &  Reptiles/mrc162
Smithsonian Institution

I don't know about the attribution attached to this message, but I'd be greatly amused (and appreciative of tax dollars spent supporting this guy) if it were true! Now, on with the work day, and converting more heathens to the Church of Exchange. Ciao!

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November 12, 2005

1928 - Good evening. No post today. It's been a chore-filled day, and I've no energy for more. But drop by tomorrow for some fun news! Ciao!

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Mon    Tues    Wed    Thu    Fri    Sat    SUNDAY  
November 13, 2005

1516 - Good afternoon. Hmmm. I promised fun, didn't I? Okay, here's fun: We heard from the Syroid's yesterday. Everyone's alive, well and living in Lloydminster, Alberta, these days. Tom's working for Freightliner, and Leah's cleaning houses, for a bit longer ... until February or so when child number three makes an appearance! Leah and Marcia had a nice long chat yesterday. Tom was out/working so we didn't catch up with him. More news when I know more. What? No, no email address at this time, they're living an offline life at the moment, but I'd expect to see them reappear one of these days.

You know it's bad when I say that the good news comes from Microsoft! But next month's (December) Malware removal tool will take care of that rotten Sony DRM rootkit for you, and if you use the MS Spyware Beta (soon to be Windows Defender), then sigs and removal should be available there shortly. Back on the badnews front, there's this link to the EFF discussion of the Sony music EULA. (Yes, EULA). Bad Sony. My personal recommendation: don't buy Sony/BMG Entertainment products. May be harmful to your computer or your brain. I currently don't have problems with the Sony hardware offerings, but I'm wary and watchful.

Now I'll take my weekly trip to take a moment and give thanks for the work and sacrifice our troops make on our behalf.

John Doucette's links were borked, and I've had to make a change on the Daynotes.net (and .com) sites to mesh once again. Thanks to sharp reader Paul Hampson for bringing it to my attention (and thus to John's). If you link direct to John's Silicon Patch, that's the right link.

The chore-filled weekend included an oil change for the Santa Fe, a trip to the Amish market up in Annapolis to stock up for Thanksgiving week, and a quick trip to the veterinarian for Molly to get her nails clipped. That ate Saturday morning. With the lovely weather we're having, I got out and did more yard maintenance, cutting the lawns front and back and pulling out some dead flowers from the hanging baskets. Today we shopped at about 5 sites, to get both the weekly groceries and supplies for holidays and small home repairs. Back here, I've been doing some of this and that, and chatting with neighbors who are mostly out and doing their (hopefully last, too) mowing. Tonight we're off to have supper at Linda Rose's, and I'll help her setup wireless networking.

So endeth the week. Have a good un and I'll catch up with y'all tomorrow.

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