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GRAFFITI -- June 11, 2007 thru June 17, 2007

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June 11, 2007

0912 - Good morning. Just making a cameo appearance for now. More later. Ciao!

2049 - Good evening. Progress is. Work offered its diversions. Once home, I finished the Monday usuals: bills and backups, trash and watering. I actually finished a bit early ... only to remember, I have a mailbag and a column to get formatted for Jerry. I'd best be about that. Catch you tomorrow.

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June 12, 2007

Morons at (road)Work
The short bus must have delivered the crew working on our street.

1756 - Good evening. I came home to find this scene not 150 feet from our driveway. Some crew has been working for a few days on the intersecting street, and they've been blocking almost half of it with equipment and gravel piles for most of that time. Today they outdid themselves: They blocked both sides of the street, barely offset, and left the pile of road-colored gravel unmarked and next to the corner. Someone is sure to come up on that and turn onto the street, ramp off the gravel pile and pitch into the roller. I was home in time to call the county office concerned with such things, they're supposed to be out to put cones and flashers out marking the hazard.

There's a big deal about the latest round of Leopard announcements emitting from the WWDC yesterday. Too bad about ZFS, I say. That would have been a very good thing indeed. But still, Steve puts on a good show. I think that Leopard will be a good thing. Whether I'll put it, or Ubuntu 7.10, onto this MacBook Pro is an open question. We've got thunder and lightning galore going on here right now, so I'd best wrap this up for the moment.

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June 13, 2007

No Post...

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June 14, 2007

2014 - Good evening. My, how flies time when fun you're having. We've got Karen and Faye in from Michigan for a short visit - they're touristing around DC daytimes. In the evening, I'm cooking and whatnot. Work remains entertaining and challenging - both good things in my humble opinion. Unfortunately, that leaves precious little time to put anything either useful or meaningful here. So sorry. Oh, hey! I picked nearly a dozen jalapeños from the garden this evening - seeded and julienned they went into the stirfry. Yum! That's all the news there is for now. In July things should be calmer ... we've got plenty of social and guests filling the next two weeks, though. Ciao!

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June 15, 2007

No Post.....

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June 16, 2007

0933 - Good morning. Another interesting day at work yesterday - I was directed to build a 2TB (of disk) system to use as an iSCSI target for use in testing. So, with four 500G drives, each having 2G peeled off the front for /, /var, /tmp, and swap respectively, the rest was used to make a big-ish RAID0 - it shows as 1.8TB formatted. Then I picked up the iSCSI Enterprise Target software as recommended. Make, make install, and configure: A short while later, I had it up and running, using XP as a test initiator. Next week we'll be building the box that needs all that storage. Fun. Oh, you noticed? Yes, RAID0. If we needed reliability as opposed to speed and cheap, I'd have gotten more and bigger SATA drives, and used 6 of them in a RAID6.

In the evening, we celebrated Linda Rose's birthday. So pizza, cake, and singing were present in assorted frightening quantities. No worries here, you can tell I'm staying busy, can't you? Today includes mowing and weeding while Marcia, Faye, and Karen go to Baltimore. There's some sort of social event in the evening. Whew.

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June 17, 2007

1127 - Good morning. Last night we went to The Flaming Pit, a restaurant and piano lounge, to celebrate Linda Rose's birthday again, and to celebrate Father's Day. Linda's family is pretty well known there - all of them sing. Yeah, it's an audience participation place. Linda and her sister Mary rock. Well, not precisely rock, since it's mostly show tunes. But they're "Jerry's Girls" to the piano player - and everyone had a good time. I left a bit early, bringing our tired guests back home. Marcia got in at Oh-dark-thirty this morning, riding back with Linda.

I've been out and the shopping's done already. Marcia, her sister and niece are at church. This evening we're attending a graduation celebration for Linda's niece. It won't run late, which is good, I suppose, since I'm pretty tired. Still, we have the cabinets to disassemble and pack in the trailer for transit back to Michigan tomorrow. And I'd better water the porch plants - it's warm out already. And of course I need to call California, making my own Father's Day call.

There are plenty of fathers of sons and daughters in the Middle East, and plenty of serving parents in country, too. Happy Father's Day to all. My sad condolences to those families that have lost sons and daughters to the conflicts in the past years, and in this last week...

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