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GRAFFITI -- September 15, 2008 thru September 21, 2008

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Welcome to Orb Graffiti, a place for me to write daily about life and computers. Contrary to popular belief, the two are not interchangeable.     About eMail - I publish email sometimes. If you send me an email and you want privacy or anonymity, please say so clearly at the beginning of your message.

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September 15, 2008

2203 - Showboat's a comin! ... Um. Sorry. Wrong universe. I spent about half the day battling the syntax of Java 2 regular expressions. The evening was full of the usual Monday stuff, with the exception of supper. I sliced up some of yesterday's roast, popped it into a pan with a bit of olive oil, a few tablespoons of salsa, and some cumin. Add a quarter cup of water, then boil it off, stirring continuously. Drop on a handful of cilantro, stir once more and plate. Liberally douse with more salsa and enjoy! Oh, and I formatted Jerry's mailbag - that's online, too. Tired now, buh-byeeee.

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September 16, 2008

No Post...

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September 17, 2008

2135 - Good evening. Hey, it's Wednesday. Sorry about that. I meant to at least make a cameo appearance last night, but schoolwork got the better of me. Between last night and this evening, I've finished the required work for the week for my current class, in Windows 2003 server. Yeah. Last year's model. They're not offering Windows Server 2008 courses yet. Why Windows, you ask? Because they're marketable skills, and frankly, I don't work with Windows much. This stuff will be useful to my employer when the regular programming is preempted (like all the Windows admins being on vacation, or playing hockey together, or something).

We've got Fall cleaning coming up this weekend. I may take Friday off, to get a good head start on all that needs to be done. That and I'm going to have more vacation days than I'm allowed to retain, by year's end, unless I use some of the hours. Nothing else of great excitement to report. Marcia enjoys her work, I enjoy mine, and we enjoy each other's company and the dogs the rest of the time. Life is okay. Ciao!

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September 18, 2008

No Post....

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September 19, 2008

0828 - Good morning. I don't quite know how the evening got away from me. I watched two segments of Walter Lewin's MIT 801 lecture series. There certainly wasn't anything new going on that I could have made mention of ... that's probably it. Oh, yeah. The new front porch lamps that weren't supposed to ship until the 22nd showed up yesterday. So I installed those before sundown. Today I'm home. It's Fall Cleaning time, and while I could get it done in two days, I'd be whacked at the end. This way I can stretch things out a little bit, and still get a bit of relaxation in on Sunday.

Oh, yeah. Arrrrrrrr!

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September 20, 2008

1152 - Good morning. The cleaning continues. The whole main floor got a deep cleaning yesterday. That's always the big challenge, between wood floors, kitchen, and a library that needed re-organization. Also, this is the first big clean for the dining room: there's a lot of new (to us) wood product that needs dusting, cleaning, and shining. Today, the upstairs gets our attention, plus at least a brief swipe at the basement. It's "easier", even with bathrooms, because Marcia's responsible for her office, her fabric/cutting/craft room, and her sewing room.

New word of the day, thanks to Erik: LOLTHEISTS. Use it in a sentence. Use it in Scrabble.

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September 21, 2008

1738 - Good evening. Tomorrow it's Fall. Another year winds down. I did not mow, nor disassemble the garden today. I was just out of energy. I did harvest out a shopping bag full of tomatoes, and put most of them in the red sauce. I also chopped out the pork loin we bought last weekend, and got that into the freezer - 22 bucks makes for 10-plus meals. Oh, and I cleaned up my office - the sole remaining chore from the house-cleaning session. Linda's over for supper and some Babylon 5, but I wanted to get my post up before the day got too gone...

Another 10 causualty press releases, another eleven fallen warriors who gave their lives for their country, for us. Our condolences to the families and units of the fallen.

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